Installing Tackle 1.0

Follow the procedures in this section to install Tackle.

Installing the Tackle Operator

Follow the steps below to download and install the Tackle Operator on an Enterprise Kubernetes Platform cluster.


  • Cluster-admin privileges.


  1. Install the Tackle Operator:
$ kubectl create -f

The Tackle Operator is installed in the my-tackle-operator namespace by default.

  1. Verify the Tackle Operator installation by viewing its resources:
$ kubectl get all -n my-tackle-operator

Installing the Tackle application

Follow the steps below to install Tackle in a namespace by creating an instance of the Tackle application.


  • Tackle Operator installed on the cluster.
  • Project-admin privileges.


  1. Create an instance of the Tackle application, specifying its namespace:
$ kubectl apply -n <namespace> -f

Note: Multiple instances of the Tackle application can be created in the same namespace by specifying a unique name for each instance in the tackle.yaml file.

  1. Open the Kubernetes dashboard
  2. Click Workloads then Deployments to verify the installation.

Logging into the Tackle web console

Follow the steps below to log into the Tackle web console.


  • Tackle application installed.


  1. Open the Kubernetes dashboard.
  2. Click Services then Ingresses.
  3. Click the Endpoint of the tackle-sample ingress to launch the Tackle web console in a new browser window.
  4. Enter the following:
  • tackle in the Username or Email field
  • Set a password in the Password field.
  1. Click Log in.

Important: Change the default password of the tackle user.