Command line tool

The easiest way to install Move2Kube is to download the pre-built binaries for Linux, MacOS, or Windows from the list of releases on Github. Follow the steps below to install the latest stable version.


  1. Install Move2Kube with one of the following options.
  • Latest stable version:
bash <(curl
  • A specific version (for example version v0.3.0-beta.0):
MOVE2KUBE_TAG='v0.3.0-beta.0' bash <(curl
  • Bleeding edge version:
BLEEDING_EDGE='true' bash <(curl
  • Without sudo:
USE_SUDO=false bash <(curl
  1. Consider setting the following options.
  • The script installs to /usr/local/bin by default. To install to a different directory:
MOVE2KUBE_INSTALL_DIR=/my/new/install/dir bash <(curl
  • Make the installation directory in the PATH to run Move2Kube as move2kube instead of /my/new/install/dir/move2kube.
  • Combine the above two environment variables to install without sudo and install to a different directory.
USE_SUDO=false MOVE2KUBE_INSTALL_DIR=/my/new/install/dir bash <(curl

Alternate installations

Move2Kube can be installed using Homebrew and Go.


brew tap konveyor/move2kube
brew install move2kube

To install a specific version (for example version v0.3.0-beta.0):

brew install move2kube@0.3.0-beta.0


Install using go get pulls from the main branch of Move2Kube with the latest development changes.

go get -u