Contributing To Konveyor

Contributing Guide

Welcome! We are glad that you want to contribute to our project! đź’–

The project’s vision can be explored in detail in this enhancement: Unified Experience. Konveyor follows a collaborative and community-driven approach and the project encourages contributions from individuals and organizations alike. Konveyor’s charter outlines the project’s values, guidelines, and expectations for community members, making it easier for new contributors to get involved.

As you get started, you are in the best position to give us feedback on areas of our project that we need help with including:

  • Problems found during setting up a new developer environment
  • Gaps in our Quickstart Guide or documentation
  • Bugs in our automation scripts

If anything doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t work when you run it, please open a bug report and let us know!

Ways to Contribute

We welcome many different types of contributions including:

  • New features
  • Builds, CI/CD
  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation
  • Issue Triage
  • Answering questions on Slack/Mailing List
  • UI
  • Communications / Social Media / Blog Posts
  • Release management

Not everything happens through a GitHub pull request. Please come to our meetings or contact us and let’s discuss how we can work together.

Come to Meetings

Absolutely everyone is welcome to come to any of our meetings. You never need an invite to join us. In fact, we want you to join us, even if you don’t have anything you feel like you want to contribute. Just being there is enough!

You can find out more about our meetings here. You don’t have to turn on your video. The first time you come, introducing yourself is more than enough. Over time, we hope that you feel comfortable voicing your opinions, giving feedback on others’ ideas, and even sharing your own ideas, and experiences.

Find an Issue

We have good first issues for new contributors and help wanted issues suitable for any contributor. good first issue has extra information to help you make your first contribution. help wanted are issues suitable for someone who isn’t a core maintainer and is good to move onto after your first pull request.

Sometimes there won’t be any issues with these labels. That’s ok! There is likely still something for you to work on. If you want to contribute but you don’t know where to start or can’t find a suitable issue, you can express your interest to contribute in our slack channel. One of the Konveyor Maintainers or leads will get in touch with you.

Once you see an issue that you’d like to work on, please post a comment saying that you want to work on it. Something like “I want to work on this” is fine.

Ask for Help

The best way to reach us with a question when contributing is to ask on:

Sign Your Commits


Licensing is important to open source projects. It provides some assurances that the software will continue to be available based under the terms that the author(s) desired. We require that contributors sign off on commits submitted to our project’s repositories. The Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) is a way to certify that you wrote and have the right to contribute the code you are submitting to the project.

You sign-off by adding the following to your commit messages. Your sign-off must match the git user and email associated with the commit.

This is my commit message

``` Signed-off-by: Your Name <> ```

Git has a -s command line option to do this automatically:

git commit -s -m 'This is my commit message'

If you forgot to do this and have not yet pushed your changes to the remote repository, you can amend your commit with the sign-off by running

git commit --amend -s

This template has been taken from CNCF’s contributing template and has been modified to suit the needs of Konveyor project.